Makerere University is one of the Africa’s most famous and forward-thinking universities, with a rich heritage stretching back 100 years and an agenda for the future. The

University is build over the beautiful Makerere hill, just one (1) kilometer from the city center, Kampala, which is the Capital city of the Republic of Uganda.

The Faculty of Science has been made conscious of its role of acting as the engine of growing for the economy.

The Faculty of Science has developed from offering basic science courses to more advanced courses geared towards addressing the development needs of the region.

In addition to offering Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degree programs, the faculty has introduced new responsive programmes in the area of applied sciences. These include Conservation Biology, Ethnobotany, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Geological Resources Management, Industrial Chemistry and Sport Science. The Faculty is made up of eight departments. These include Bio-chemistry, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Sports Science and Zoology.

The faculty has seventy (70) members of staff with Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees and twenty one (21) members of staff engaged in finalizing their Phd programmes geared at developing and maintaining a high caliber staff at all levels and at all times.




The mission of the Faculty of Science is to create and impart knowledge in basic and applied sciences to society through training, research and extension services for sustainable development.




Development of demands driven programmes

Development of demands driven research

Increase of practical skills in Science

Promote adaptation of technological advancement and break-through for development.

Promote the development of linkages with various institutions with similar aspirations

Forge Linkages with grassroots and the private sector.



The Faculty of science has the mandate to carry out teaching and research in the basic sciences, namely, Bio-chemistry, Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Sport Science and Zoology.

Science at the center of development...

The Faculty of Science (FOS) offers BSc., MSc., and PhD degree Programmes in BasicThe Faculty of Science in collaboration with theDepartment of Distance Education in the Institute of Adult and Continuing Education jointly offers the B.Sc. (External) degree programme. The subjects included in this programme include Botany,Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Geography, Mathematics,Physics, Psychology, Statistics and Zoology.